Law enforcement veteran Judge Davis served in the Vietnam War in the US Army where he received the Purple Heart.
The funeral procession for Judge Davis makes its way under the La Follette Fire Department’s giant US Flag on its way to the west end of town to Woodlawn Cemetery.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Former La Follette Police Officer Judge Davis was laid to rest this morning. The US Army Vietnam Veteran and nearly 30-year law enforcement veteran passed away on Saturday.

Left to right: LPD Officers Darryl Chapman and Homer Herrell with La Follette Mayor and Vietnam veteran Mike Stanfield salute as Davis’ funeral procession passes by.

LPD Lt. James Lynch, the lone remaining officer on the LPD force to have worked with Davis, recalled how he would always greet you with “how you doin’, buddy?” The two worked together after Lynch joined the La Follette Police Force in 1987 until Davis’ retirement. “I hated to see him retire,” added Lynch.

Lynch drove his police cruiser this morning in Davis’ funeral procession.

After retiring, Davis would stop and visit some here at the office according to the Lieutenant. “When he didn’t stop, he’d honk and wave as he drove by,” said Lynch. Lynch’s last memory of Davis was him driving by the department and waving back in the fall.

Left to right: Eric Sowanic Firefighter-EMR, Corey Breuer Firefighter-EMR, Tristan Nelson Firefighter-AEMT, Mason Capps, Firefighter-Paramedic, Andrew Carroll Lieutenant, Keith Fraley Captain.

Lynch reflected on Lynch as an officer and as a co-worker saying the two worked well together and got along. “He was a good policeman and a good fella,” Lynch noted.

Judge Warren Davis was 74-years old.