TOP PHOTO: Tiny was one of the most viewed stories in 2020. Meet Tiny, the less than a week old heifer calf, who is making good strides to surviving her mother’s abandonment.  In a sun lite back stall of the barn Adam Hutson checks the bottle flow as Tiny waits.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – As 2020 comes to a close WLAF is sharing the 20 most read stories of the year. These are the stories that caught, and kept the attention, of our readers. This week, we will share those stories in no particular order with four a day being featured.

Among today’s four selections are the results from a 100-MPH chase and likely the year’s most heart warming stories.

ONE – August 2020

A LaFollette man landed in jail after evading arrest and nearly striking a deputy’s patrol car during a high speed chase with speeds reaching 100 MPH. For the full story, read here.

TWO – April 2020

One of the cows at Russell Farm gave birth to two calves.  One is a healthy bull calf.  But the other is Tiny, a very small heifer calf weighing only 30-pounds.  As a result, Tiny’s mama abandoned her making her an orphan. You can read the full story here.

THREE – August 2020

It was in August when WLAF took you on a trip way down Memory Lane. In April 1986, filming for the movie “King Kong Lives” began in Caryville.  Base camp for the movie was the former Thacker’ s Coal Town site at the 141 Exit of I-75. Read the fun story here.

FOUR – September 2020

It may be WLAF’s most heart warming story of the year. As they left the scene of the crime, Jacksboro Police Officers Sgt. Franklin Ayers and Det. Sgt. Cody Chapman turned to each other, almost simultaneously, and said, “Let’s go buy her a phone.” For the full story, read here.