TOP PHOTO: This pick-up truck hitting the People Bank of the South main office in Downtown La Follette is among the 10 “vehicles versus buildings and property” stories WLAF covered in 2020.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – All this week, WLAF has featured the top 20 stories of 2020 based on your views; the stories you viewed the most. Given Wednesday night’s most unusual wreck involving a car going over an embankment and hitting a building, we thought it might be fitting to feature the stories WLAF covered in 2020 where vehicles left the road and struck buildings or other types of property.

One of the new flower beds and a fire hydrant brought this wild ride to an end in Downtown La Follette.

ONE – March 2020

The building of popular Mexican Grill El Pubelito’s suffered damage from a vehicle. A Caryville woman allegedly said she “had drunk a pint of vodka and did not know what had happened to her car.”   Read the full story here.

TWO – December 2020

A car accident led to multiple charges for a LaFollette man on Wednesday night (12/30/2020) when he “thought he was on Kingston Pike” and drove over an embankment becoming lodged at the back of an empty building in Downtown La Follette. The story and Charlie Hutson photos are found here. A related story is here.

THREE – March 2020

A LaFollette man was arrested on multiple charges after he crashed into two vehicles and the First Volunteer Bank early Monday morning (03/05/2020). Officers noted the truck had a pair of vice grips “clamped” where the steering wheel should have been. The photo and story are located here.

FOUR – December 2020

LUB crews spent their Christmas Day restoring water to customers on the west end of La Follette. Read more here.

FIVE – December 2020

On the icy morning of Dec. 1, at 6 am, it was the Bill Kincaid building that was struck by a vehicle. This morning (12/22/2020) at 10:30 am, the building next door, the Security Insurance Agency (SIA), was hit by a pick-up truck. The story is here.

SIX – November 2020

Around 3 pm Tuesday (11/03/2020), this wild ride went off the rails in the 100 block of West Central Avenue and ended in the 100 block of East Central Avenue. It began on the sidewalk and wiped out one of those very, very heavy flower pots, missed hitting Community Trust Bank and a light pole. The story and Charlie Hutson’s photos are located here.

SEVEN – October 2020

WLAF’s Charlie Hutson’s photos tell part of the story after a small pick up truck crashed into the west side of the Peoples Bank of South’s main office in Downtown La Follette.  La Follette Police officials say the call came in at 9:15 pm Friday night (10/23/2020). You can read the full story here.

EIGHT – December 2020

On Saturday night (12/12/2020) just before 9 pm, Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Joseph Weaver was dispatched to 419 Hiwassee View Drive in the Pinecrest community for an abandoned vehicle that had struck a tree and mailbox. More details are here.

NINE – October 2020

A LaFollette man was arrested on DUI and other charges after striking a vehicle and a house in Caryville, before backing out and driving himself home. Here are the details.

TEN – October 2020

On this foggy morning (10/22/2020), a fully loaded 18-wheeler flat bed was just too big to squeeze around Paris Nance Road onto Gent Street at Jacksboro.  As a result, a power pole and more were taken out around 2 am. The story is HERE.