TOP PHOTO: State Representative Dennis Powers.

JACKSBORO, TN (SPECIAL TO WLAF) – On Dec. 30, State Representative Dennis Powers joined 22 other TN Legislators soliciting assistance from our two U.S. Senators and 9 U.S. Representatives in investigating fraud/irregularities  in the November Presidential Election.  

Six states were named in the official letter to the TN Congressional Delegation: Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.  The letter states that there was fraud and/or irregularities in all of the six states named in the letter.  The TN Legislative Delegation requests that U.S. Congressional Delegation stand for our Republic and ask for a Congressional investigation into these matters before votes are taken in the Electoral College on January 6.

This opportunity is Constitutional and is codified in U.S. Code (3 u.s.c. 15).  This is not merely an election challenge for President Donald Trump, but rather a request to investigate any fraud/irregularities that occurred.  Rep. Powers stated, “How much fraud is acceptable?  Whether there is enough to overturn the election is irrelevant – anyone committing voter fraud should be held accountable and prosecuted.  Free and fair elections are essential to the survival of our Republic and only state legislatures have the authority to ratify laws regarding elections held within their respective state.”

Connect HERE to see the full letter of request to the U.S. Congressional Delegation. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED-01/01/2021-3PM)

3 Replies to “Powers joins efforts soliciting assistance from senators and representatives”

  1. I knew we could count on Rep. Powers.
    I’m sure we can count on Sen. Blackburn but no so much on Alexander.

  2. Thank you so much Rep. Powers and Senator Blackburn for your efforts in this most crucial matter. I would like for my faith in the election process in the USA to be restored and that President Trump will be awarded the four more years that I feel he rightly won and deserves. God bless President Trump, you, and all of our Leaders. Thank you for standing for what is right.

  3. I also would like to see a audit in the state on Covid – 19 . I would like to know how many people in the state that actually died of Covid – 19 and didn’t have a lot of underlying conditions.

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