LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – In a move not seen in years, the City of La Follette is bringing all department heads before the mayor and council this afternoon for appointment. In the past, that has resulted in changes. The other hot button item is approval for four-term mayor Mike Stanfield to receive a gate opener for the LaFollette Public Works facility.

You can watch the meeting HERE on demand from WLAF.

Stanfield’s request for the gate opener comes on the heels of an indictment handed down late last summer. In September, Stanfield was indicted on seven counts of official misconduct, retaliating against the employee who reported him to the state comptroller’s office and lying to a state auditor. The mayor is accused of using city property, primarily out of the public works facility, for personal purposes and having a city employee perform work that benefited Stanfield, the indictment said. His case will be called for review Jan. 25. 

At last week’s city workshop, City Administrator Jimmy Jeffries told council he could not recommend giving the mayor a gate opener due to the pending legal matters. He continued that one of the employees was a witness in the pending matter, and it could create a hostile work environment for the employee if the mayor has unlimited access to the building

Here is the full agenda for today’s City of La Follette council meeting:


Council Meeting

Tuesday Jan. 5, 5:30 p.m.

  1. Meeting called to order by Mayor
  2. Prayer & Pledge
  3. Roll call by Clerk
  4. Approval of Meeting Minutes from December 2020.  
  5. Reports from Boards, Committees and Departments
  6. Comments from the Citizens
  7. Announcements


  1. Rescind Resolution 2020-13- Resolution providing for In Lieu of Tax Payments from LaFollette Utilities.
  2. Resolution 2020-25- Resolution providing for In Lieu of Tax Payments from LaFollette Utilities.
  3. Resolution 2020-26-Amendments to the Original 2020/2021 Budget.


  1. Approval to update revisions to Joint Economic Board policies.
  2. Approval of funding capital equipment list and other projects with capital outlay funds.
  3. Approval of Debt Obligation Note. (Form CT-0253)
  4. Approval for Mayor to receive gate opener for LaFollette Public Works.
  5. Appointments:
  1. City Administrator –Jimmy Jeffries
  2. City Attorney—Reid Troutman
  3. City Clerk/Human Resources Director/Infectious Disease Officer—Stan Foust
  4. City Judge—Kathy Parrott
  5. Codes/Animal Control—Daniel Foster
  6. Finance Director—Terry Sweat
  7. Fire Chief—Jimmy Pack
  8. Librarian—Nancy Green
  9. Police Chief—Bill Roehl
  10. Public Works Director—Casey Boshears
  11. Recreation Director—Johnny Byrge
  12. Treasurer—Barbara Wilson


  1. Approval of promoting Jesse Ferguson to full time patrol officer (currently part-time) at a salary of $30,437.20 effective 01/16/2021.
  2. Approval to start auxiliary police officers at a starting wage of $14.63 per hour.



  *No permits to date      


(WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/05/2020-6AM)