JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – The Campbell County School Board met via Zoom on Tuesday evening.

Board members held the second reading on revisions to education policies and voted to pass them. These revisions included updates to policies regarding code of conduct, class size ratios, substitute teachers, graduation activities, field trips and excursions, code of ethics, student wellness, physical examinations and immunizations, interrogation and searches, textbooks and instructional materials and more.  See those items HERE.

Before passing the policy revisions, board members voted to strike a portion of the policy in the 6.300 code of conduct policy dealing with disciplinary actions and suspension for students not answering a question in certain situations as it could violate the student’s rights. 

School board members also passed the local COVID-19 policy on the first reading. 

The approval of a quit claim deed between the CC Board of Education and the city of LaFollette was approved. 

Bids were reviewed for cafeteria equipment for several schools in the district. These included a single combination oven for Jellico High School, as well as Campbell County High School, a steamer for Jacksboro Elementary and Jacksboro Middle School and a braising pan for Jacksboro Elementary. 

During her report, Director of Schools Jennifer Fields told board members that the Federal government was releasing additional funds to school districts to address learning/education loss due to the COVID virus. According to Fields, the government would be awarding Campbell County over $7 million. Funds are to be used to help with learning loss and also some infrastructure needs. RELATED STORY. Fields said the school district would be looking at starting a committee to discuss what needed addressed and where students were behind in learning.

“We will see where we need to target to address those learning losses and education gaps,” Fields said.

She also reported that educators would be in the 1B phase of vaccines. Currently the county is in phase 1A.

School board members announced that it was time to complete the evaluation of the school director, a process which usually occurs in January. The board set a tentative deadline to get evaluations back in by Feb. 10. These evaluation findings will be released in a separate meeting.

Fields said she could present a workshop to share yearly accomplishments and other information prior to the evaluation process. That meeting is set for next week.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/13/2021-6AM)