Former school superintendent Arlis Chapman passed away on Monday. He’ll be laid to rest on Saturday morning next to his favorite fishing buddy, his wife Helen.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Arlis Chapman loved Campbell County. In fact, except for college at ETSU and a tour of duty in the Korean War, he was here in the county where he was born and raised.

Arlis Chapman was a sergeant in the US Marine Corp and fought in the Korean War.

A male elementary school teacher is rare. Even more rare is a Marine war veteran teaching school. Chapman was both. The leatherneck returned from war and began an over 40 year career in education, teaching school, serving as a principal and later as a supervisor for Campbell County Schools. The last position he held was leading the school system as its superintendent.

Arlis Chapman served as school superintendent in the days when the superintendent was chosen in a county wide election.

“Arlis was my friend and a friend to the children of Campbell County,” said former Campbell County Director of Schools Donnie Poston. Chapman proudly served as the superintendent of schools, now known as director of schools, from 1992 until 1996.

Dear friends Hack Ayers (left) and Chapman visit in this 1990s photo. Ayers passed away almost a year to the day of Chapman’s death in 2020.

Chapman loved talking politics and served on the county commission in the 1980s. He was one of the last school superintendents to be elected to serve by the people through a county wide election.

In addition to his career, Chapman was a family man who raised four daughters. “Mom and dad grew up together and were young sweethearts; married for 68 years,” said one of his daughters, Melinda Richardson. He and Helen, two years younger than Arlis, were graduates of Wynn High School.

The softball field at CCHS is named for Chapman.

“Arlis had an enormous loving and kind heart. His sense of humor was equal to his kindness,” added Poston. Chapman gave Poston his first job in the Central Office as elementary supervisor, a position he held for eight years.

For Chapman and his wife Helen, there was no traveling and no big retirement trips. They quietly and happily retired to a home on Norris Lake for a life of gardening and fishing.

“He was an encourager and one that would listen if you disagreed with him,” Poston explained. Chapman started the music program in the county’s elementary schools. The softball field at Campbell County High School was named for Chapman in the spring of 1996.

Arlis and Helen enjoyed spending time together especially on the lake in their fishing boat. Melinda laughed when she said, “Mom always said we mount his fish and eat mine.”

Helen and Arlis Chapman were lifelong sweethearts.

Sadly, the death of Helen in 2018 ended their days of fishing together. On Saturday morning, Chapman will be laid to rest next to his old fishing buddy atop the hill at Bakers Forge Cemetery overlooking Norris Lake in Chapman’s beloved Campbell County. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/15/2021-6AM)

3 Replies to “From sergeant to superintendent, Chapman was a leader”

  1. Mr. Chapman was my first Principal at Duff Elementary School. He was a very kind man. I have known him and his family all of my life, good people.

  2. ARLIS was a dear friend of mine. Through the years I had the opportunity to know him, talk to him about politics and even fished with this true angler. His dedication to education is an inspiration to me now serving on the school board . Rest In Peace my friend and thank you for all the good times especially the time we fished a little tournament and I hooked a big one and got it to the boat and it was a catfish I’ll never forget that.
    Your friend
    Jeffrey Miller

    1. Arlis was a dear friend! I enjoyed the years I served on The Board of Education with him when he was Superintendent. He was always very professional and did a great job working for the students and schools of Campbell County. He will truly be missed.

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