LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Hey, it’s Friday. Let’s take a trip down Memory Lane together Share your Snack Bar memories with us by leaving a comment. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/15/2021-6AM)

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  1. Back in the mid 70’s we got paid once every two weeks.
    Friday evening on check day we splurged. We headed to the snack bar for
    a hot ham and cheese and a BBQ with cole slaw !
    what a treat to recall that after 45 yrs…wish we still had !!

  2. my high school sweet heart would go there for the hamburger baskets, today she is my beautiful of fifty years. Still talk about the Snack Bar.

  3. Riding from the car wash to the Snack Bar and back was exhausting, so a club sandwich and a vanilla coke were the best way to fuel up for another few round trips!!

  4. My parents, Adron and Jean Rutherford owned The Snack Bar. It started out as curb service only. It was later relocated and a dining room and patio dining were added. I’ve never found a better cheeseburger anywhere and the chili buns were great too.

  5. My sister worked there.They had the best food and they care about their customers their food wasn’t just throw together. That was the good old days.

  6. Great memories. Every date night ended at the Snack Bar. Great food, as well a place to meet friends. So disappointed when it no longer existed.

  7. One summer, my mother was teaching Bible school at our church. My sister and I were helpers and my little cousin, Joey was attending. We got out around noon. My sister and I would make Joey ask mother if she would take us to the snack bar for dip dogs. She was more likely to do it for him than us. Would love to have a burger basket or some dip dogs or some hot dogs. All the food was great!

  8. Great place. The super burger was awesome. It was the cruise spot. Those were the happy days!!!

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