LAFOLLETTE, TN (SPECIAL TO WLAF) – Can you eat your art? It is a question among the Arts Community.   Sounds strange to ask or say, “Can you eat your art?”, but it does have an explanation.  

The Art World is composed of the visual as well as the performing arts, and as so many of you know there are just way to many of both of those types of art to list here, but basically if you make anything with your hands  from using a paint brush to a saw, or if you write books, or play a musical instrument, or your voice is your instrument, are you able to do something with it that gives you some monetary reward.

Many artists do not think about the monetary reward that they may get from what they have created, they enjoy what they are doing and if they are fortunate enough to find a place in the market for what they produce that’s a plus.   

Two of Postmark LaFollette pillars of their mission are Economic Development and Community Enhancement. 

Postmark LaFollette will again be hosting local Artisans and Crafters whose work will be for sale at Postmark LaFollette, 119 S Tennessee Avenue.  The Shop will be open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday’s from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  This is an ongoing project for the 2021.  These hours may change once we see what the best days of operation are. 

Our goal is to work with local artisans, crafters, authors with books for sale and musicians who have CD’s.  All goods must be handmade or handcrafted.  Authors works must be original works as well as musician’s CD’s must be their works.   Participants are not expected to man the shop nor is there a fee to participate, for the balance of the details, please contact  We will also discuss what you are selling.   The shop is set up to look like a gift shop, vendor items are artfully displayed and reworked for a new fresh look from season to season and holiday to holiday, February is Valentines day so anything pertaining to this holiday will be highlighted.

We have a variety of prices ranges and goods, from original paintings and beautiful wood bowls and cheese boards, knitted and crocheted goods, jewelry, hand sewn totes, pillows and much more.  Visit our website, to see some of the goods in the shop.  Christmas will always have a spot.  The goods may change from season to season and holiday to holiday.  If interested participating in the shop, visit the website and use the contact form to have your questions answered.  There is also a downloadable application form. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/25/2021-6AM)