KUB crews are hanging a transformer and pulling wire on Fall Creek Lane at the base of Caryville Mountain

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Crews with La Follette Utilities have been working to restore power throughout their service area since the very early pre dawn hours of this Sunday. About lunch time on Sunday, several crews and trucks from Knoxville Utilities arrived to assist LUB in getting all its customers back online.

“The cavalry has arrived from KUB. It’s so good to have a great working relationship with our neighboring utilities,” said LUB General Manager Kenny Baird.

KUB crews and trucks were a welcome sight to LUB crews and its customers.

At the height of power outages, due to the wet, heavy snow, LUB had more than 2,000 customers without service. That number was down to around 1,500 at 1 pm.

Baird added, “That’s truly what “Public Power” is all about (the KUB relationship).” (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/07/2021-1PM-PHOTOS COURTESY OF LUB GENERAL MANAGER KENNY BAIRD-UPDATED 02/07/2021-4:30PM)