TOP PHOTO: This photo along the four lane in La Follette in front of First National Bank was snapped around 3 am as the snow was just starting to become a challenge.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – At the height of power outages on Sunday due to the wet, heavy snow event, nearly 2,100 LUB customers were without power.

KUB crews joined with LUB around lunch time Sunday, and their progress has whittled the outage number down to under a thousand.

“We are down to around 800 customers out, spread across the service territory, and we hope to have Caryville mountain back on within a couple of hours,” said LUB General Manager Kenny Baird. He goes on to say that “other areas will be later tonight or into tomorrow.”

The KUB crews are coming back in the morning but probably won’t leave here until around midnight tonight. Some of the LUB crews will go home and rest while others will work throughout the night.

This is likely the last update WLAF will bring to you tonight. We’ll continue keeping you updated through the day on Monday. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/07/2021-6PM-PHOTO COURTESY OF CITY OF LAFOLLETTE PUBLIC WORKS DIRECTOR CASEY BOSHEARS)