JACKSBORO, TN. (WLAF)- In a quick Zoom meeting last night, the Campbell County Board of Education addressed the few agenda items with expedience.

Campbell County Director of Schools Jennifer Fields said COVID-19 numbers had “dropped significantly.” With over 1,000 days of “learning loss” the BOE is looking at tutoring and summer school to help those students whose education has suffered due to the pandemic.

Parent visitation is still set for Feb. 22 -26. Each school will have a different approach for parents to meet with teachers. Parents are advised to contact their children’s schools for more information.

The deadline for board members to complete their evaluation of Fields has been extended to Feb. 17

Board attorney Dail Cantrell said the board’s proposal for a sick bank had been rejected by the teacher’s committee. Telling the board, a sick bank was not mandatory, but that it had to be in compliance, he suggested the board attempt to revise the policy. Board chair Johnny Byrge agreed the board would revisit the issue next month.

Cantrell also advised the board to beware of vendors approaching them to contract for services. With the influx of federal dollars coming into the system, vendors could be approached directly.

“You are not allowed to have any contact with potential vendors.” Those businesses must come before the entire board. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 02/10/2021- 6AM)