JACKSBORO, TN. (WLAF)- Courtney Partin’s most recent criminal case has been moved to March 15.

In criminal court on Tuesday, appearing via Zoom from the jail, a not guilty plea was entered and the case placed on the next criminal court docket.

Partin’s attorney, Franklin Ammons, had filed a motion to reduce Partin’s $600,000 bond but elected to place the motion on hold. Ammons said he wanted to review the discovery items in the case before moving forward.

Partin was arrested in November 2020 with his pockets loaded with ammunition.

The Campbell County Sheriff’s Office was called to Partin’s home after receiving reports Partin was running around the yard, at 6 am, confessing he had “murdered his family.” As police attempted to confront him, Partin told police he “was burning to death and when the sun came out, he would turn to ashes.”

Attempting to deescalate the situation, proved to be a moot point when Partin retreated further into the woods and up a tree, which he promptly fell out of, according to the police report. Still hoping to calm Partin down, police attempted again to talk with him. That attempt was met with insults and a physical confrontation. In the end, deputies had to use a Taser on Partin in order to arrest him.

When they searched him, they found he was carrying a cache of ammunition. In all, Partin had 63 rounds of ammunition in his pockets.

With Partin handcuffed, police searched the area and home for possible victims. None was found. As Partin was being booked at the county jail, authorities found drug paraphernalia on him.

The next day, CCSO Capt. John Long returned to Partin’s home with a search warrant.

Because Partin was previously convicted of attempted first degree after a shootout with police, he is prohibited from having a gun and bullets.

The search of the Stinking Creek home yielded a loaded 12 gauge shotgun and a .22 caliber handgun. Partin allegedly admitted to breaking into his mother’s LaFollette home and stealing those guns from her.

Partin remains at the Campbell County Jail. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 02/18/2021- 6AM)