By Charlotte Underwood   

JELLICO, TN (WLAF) – WLAF is continuing it’s shout-out to teachers across the district and this week’s featured educator is Jellico High School’s Lindsey Bowlin. 

She is in her third year of teaching Culinary Arts at Jellico and said she “could not have found something more fitting” for a career. 

“I definitely find joy in cooking!” Bowlin said. 

Jellico High School’s Lindsey Bowlin is WLAF’s teacher of the week. She teaches Culinary Arts and is pictured here with her son Colson.

Bowlin said she grew up playing school with her little sister on their little chalkboard easel but it was ultimately her mother who inspired her to a career in teaching. 

“My mom’s excitement for her own kindergarten class also played a key role in why I became a teacher.  My mother has always shown a passion for her own kindergarten students and I would come to learn throughout the years how much she enjoyed her job,” Bowlin said.

Seeing how passionate her mother was for her job pushed Bowlin even harder to be an educator and helped guide her heart in the direction “God meant for it to be.” 

“To know that I get to wake up every morning and come do a job I absolutely love, see the excitement of students trying a new recipe they have always wanted to make, or learn something new gives my job a whole new fresh perspective every day,” Bowlin said. 

She said being able to sit down with her students after they have finished cooking and getting to eat together brings her just as much joy as them to have that kind of relationship with her students.  Another favorite part of her job would be the faculty and staff she works with at Jellico High School. 

“I have met some of the best of friends I could ever have. I feel like we are all a big family and can always depend on one another no matter what may come our way.

This past school year has been a lot about teamwork and doing what we can do to make school as normal as possible for our students and we have had great leadership in doing so. I am so thankful we are back in the classroom this year and able to spend more time interacting with my students!” (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 04/08/2021-6AM)