TOP PHOTO: Dewayne Seiber makes quick work of the sledge drill during Friday’s job performance tests.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – It was a tad cool when fulltime firefighter prospects were put through the paces of a job performance test on Friday morning. See the full photo gallery HERE.

As WLAF arrived, Dewayne Seiber of Rocky Top was working his way through his test, the day’s first.

Seiber carries equipment in his first exercise.
At the end of the drill, Seiber sets the equipment back on the fire truck.
Seiber next properly set the ladder against the fire tower. Left is Firefighter Brad Young, the evaluator for the tests. Firefighter Shawn McGlone is on the right.
The sledge drill was the most intense portion of the job performance test.

The 40-year old Seiber is currently with the Rocky Top Fire Department and is looking to join the LFD.

Next up was a crawl through.

The objective is to successfully complete the job performance tests in under 11 minutes.

A rescue drill was a key part of the test.
The last drill was to pick up and raise this 45 pound bar.

“He (Seiber) did real well,” said firefighter Brad Young. Young was off duty for the day and came in to handle the evaluations for the LFD.

Firefighter Dusty Davis checks Seiber’s vital signs at the end of the performance test.
Seiber (sun glasses) cools down after his performance as he visits with Dusty Davis (left) and Brad Young. Next up in Friday’s evaluation was 25-year- old Nathanial “Red” Vannorstran (right). Red, from Speedwell, is currently with the Harrogate Volunteer Fire Department.

The La Follette Fire Department is in the process of filling four fulltime openings. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 04/19/2021-6AM)