CLAIRFIELD, TN (WLAF) – Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher West was patrolling on Roses Creek Rd. in Clairfield when he saw a Cadillac driving recklessly. West attempted to catch up with the car but was unable to close the distance due to the Cadillac’s high rate of speed.

West initiated his lights and sirens and began to pursue the vehicle down Roses Creek Mountain toward Hwy. 90. As the deputy was able to close the distance, the Cadillac failed to obey a traffic device before merging onto Hwy 90 headed toward Claiborne County. West continued to pursue the Caddy toward Claiborne County when the car allegedly drove into the oncoming lane of traffic to pass a car and almost collided head on with another car. The officer followed the vehicle for five miles, during this time the vehicle failed to maintain its lane and drove recklessly, according to a report from the sherriff’s department. When the Cadillac entered Kentucky, West saw the driver lock up the breaks in the middle of the road and was unable to stop his cruiser before hitting the rear driver side bumper of the Cadillac. The car then continued to run until the driver lost control flipping several times before coming to a stop.

The passenger, Nathan Todd Hamblin, and the driver, Jerry Darren Owens, were able to exit the wreckage with assistance from West. Both were placed under arrest and put into West’s patrol car.

The deputy allegedly saw a green leafy substance on the driver seat of the Cadillac. After the vehicle was pulled out of the ditch, West noticed there was a clear bag containing a crystal like substance in the passenger side floorboard. While searching the car, West found several more bags containing a crystal like substance inside a compartment behind the radio. West also noticed there were several drug paraphernalia related items in the Cadillac such as scales, bags and non-capped needles with residue, according to the report.

Upon checking Owens driver’s license, West learned it was suspended. While speaking with Hamblin, he allegedly told West that he attempted to get out of the vehicle on several occasions and Owens refused to let him get out. When emergency medical services arrived, both Hamblin and Owens elected to go to LaFollette Medical Center to be seen for injuries. When the pair arrived with West at LaFollette Medical Center, Owens refused medical care and was transported to the Campbell County Jail. Owens was asked if he had taken anything that would have placed him under the influence, he allegedly replied he smoked Methamphetamine from a pipe around 3 am the night prior. He reported that he had also injected Methamphetamine via needle the night before.

Owens was given a series of field sobriety tests on which he performed poorly. At this point, West returned to the LaFollette Medical Center where Hamblin was medically cleared to leave and be transported to the jail.

Hamblin, 43, 580 Rogerston Hollow Rd, Clairfield was charged with mfg/del/sell controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of schedule VI controlled substance.

Owens, 45, Rt. 2 Box 76F, Pineville, KY is charged with felony evading arrest, three counts reckless endangerment, mfg/del/sell controlled substance, possession of schedule VI controlled substance, failure to maintain lane, other, speeding, reckless driving, driving while suspended, drivers to exercise due care, possession of drug paraphernalia and false imprisonment. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/25/2021-6AM)