Meet the team installing the Cougars new football field. Left to right are Josh Allen, Greg Bryan, Aaron Kilgore, Sean Westmorland, Cody Pierce, T. Jay Mack and Jonathan Cooper. Warren Coppedge is not pictured.

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – “We’ll probably be able to practice on the new turf here real soon,” said Campbell Head Football Coach Justin Price. The coach, along with former Cougar and school board member Brent Lester, took time Monday morning to see the progress being made to the field.

Josh Allen cuts the sideline of the turf.

More strides were made as the Kalmia crew was right back in action on Monday morning. Work continues this morning on the project that has the community abuzz.

This is a side look east on the field Monday evening.

“It’s really taking shape. I can’t believe how much room we’re going to have on the sidelines now,” said Price. “The turf has already saved us money. You don’t realize how much money and time you invest in a year to maintain a grass field,” said Lester.

The Kamlia crews is trimming the sideline.
Aaron Kilgore is beginning to remove material to even up the sideline.

Fans will see their Cougars in action on the new field on Friday night, August 20, when the Heritage Mountaineers come to town. The WLAF – Doyle’s Tire Shop Sports Network has all the coverage.

This photo was snapped by Charlie Hutson early on Monday morning as the Kamlia crew worked to level an uneven area of the east end zone.

(WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/13/2021-6AM)