A vehicle comes to a final rest on its front end.

CARYVILLE, TN. (WLAF)- An accident involving two elderly people snarled traffic at the 138 mile marker on the southbound side of I-75.

The couple’s vehicle left the road. Both occupants were pinned for about 45 minutes. They were also flown from the scene via Lifestar.

(WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 7/13/21- 5:20 PM)

3 Replies to “Two med choppers land on I-75 airlifting two wreck victims”

  1. This state highway project has been nothing but a disaster, with all the work completed and then to only find out it was all wrong and needed to be redone, with all the overrun of cost and it’s still not near being completed. The toll of lives, body injuries and damage just keep on accumulating. This is a big joke to out of state travelers, but not so much for those of us who live with it daily and are paying for this disaster

  2. So very sorry for the hurt ones and there love ones. Prayers going up 💘

  3. Thank you to all paramedics,and law enforcement , chopper pilots that attended that crash . That was my mother and step father. Now if only the state would step in and help these victims and others that have similar mishaps cause of the b.s. roads conditions. It would be a better place..

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