By Charlotte Underwood

JELLICO, TN (WLAF) – Jellico Elementary’s Christy Jones is WLAF’s teacher of the week. 

Jones is an Interventonist at the elementary school and her job is to help students achieve academic growth. She has been an educator for 17 years.

Christy Jones is this week’s WLAF Teacher of the Week.

According to Jones, she has two inspirations for following a career in education.  One was Kathy Neal and the other was her father.  “They have inspired me to achieve success and help students,” Jones said.

Mrs. Kathy Neal was her third-grade teacher, and “was an outstanding teacher.”  “She took the time to work one-on-one with each student. She had me complete a career path when I had her and would check on me routinely,” Jones said.

Her second inspiration was her father who always worked so hard to instill a love education into her life. 

“He taught me to have a love for learning and to teach others. Daddy’s hands were a guiding force in my choice for education,” Jones said.

Her favorite part of the job is watching students when they finally get a tough lesson.  She said when the light bulb comes on for them to learn something new, their anticipation makes her day complete.

“Also, I love their caring hearts and the love they show others in the classroom. I hope every student that I have taught does know that I love them and want the best for them. Teaching warms my heart, and my students complete it,” Jones said.

Over the past school year, Jones said she has watched the community work together, with people looking out for another while providing-assistance. “The love shown warms my heart. It is how America should work together,” Jones said.

As far as in education, she said “the light of wonder in children did not stop!”  Jones taught grades K-8 virtually, and said students were more eager to learn.  

“They had to think outside the box and learn through different methods.  We did learn how to use the technological world and work as one to achieve success. Working together as a school, hand in hand with parents, staff, and administration the love of learning at Jellico Elementary continued despite a global pandemic.”