Officials say a shooting incident took place at this home that sits at the corner of East Walden North 4th Streets, 400 East Walden Street.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – In a Friday afternoon news release, investigators with the La Follette Police Department offer an update on a fatal shooting that occurred Thursday night at a home at 400 East Walden Street.

LPD Investigators’ leads reveal the shooting resulted from a domestic argument between a man and his wife. The argument became violent when the now deceased, Johnny Rubin Baird, age 38, pulled a .32 caliber semi-automatic handgun and began making threats to his wife, Rosalind Leona Baird, age 39.

Johnny Baird then carried out his threats when he shot Rosalind Baird in the upper left side of her body. Following that shot, Johnny Baird placed the gun in his mouth firing one round.

Both were treated at the scene by Emergency Medical Technicians and then transported to Tennova Medical Center in La Follette. Johnny Baird was pronounced dead at Tennova La Follette Medical Center. Due to her injuries, Rosalind Baird was airlifted to a Knoxville hospital for treatment.

There was a 13 year old girl at the East La Follette home when the incident occurred. The Tennessee Department of Children’s Services (DCS) has been contacted to provide assistance to the youngster.

LPD investigators are still following up on leads as they develop.


According to reports coming in to WLAF News, two ambulances were dispatched to a home on East Walden Street around 11pm Thursday night.

A La Follette Police official confirms that two people were shot, and that both victims were treated at the scene and then transported to the La Follette Medical Center. One person was airlifted to a Knoxville hospital at 11:34pm last night and later died from their wounds.

Crime scene tape remains around the home and yard at 400 East Walden Street.

Investigators with LPD interviewed witnesses into the very early morning hours of Friday.

The home sits on the first block off East Central Avenue.

Names of the victims have not yet been released. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/16/2021-5AM-UPDATED 6:30AM-UPDATED 1PM)

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  1. What has become of our small peaceful community?
    Prayers for all in this situation. 🙏

  2. I agree with Ms Sharp that such a tragic situation raises important questions about what is happening around us. Both Jesus and Barney Fife described the answer: before murder comes uncontrolled anger (Sermon the Mount) which must be “nipped in the bud.” We need more mental health professionals who would help kids learn how to control their anger. Parents should be urged to withhold computer games, movie, and other parts of our sewer filled culture from kids. We need to examine our own souls to cleanse ourselves from anger seeking God’s help to do so. No one can do all the things that must be done but each of us can do something.

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