TOP PHOTO – Toby, the Tom Cat, cools his heels at home after being on the lam since early July.

After being gone two weeks to the day, Wednesday was homecoming for Toby, the Tom Cat. Marsha’s mother cradles Toby after he just showed back up at home.

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Toby the cat’s carrier broke, and he escaped. That was in the area around the Animal Hospital of Campbell County near The Local some three and-a-half miles from his Butter & Egg Road home. That was two weeks ago yesterday.

Marsha, his care taker, has spent all those days looking for Toby, calling the WLAF Trading Post, hanging posters and shedding tears. She even offered a $50 reward.

Then on Wednesday afternoon, a crying Toby appeared out of the blue back at his home. “He’s lost a lot of weight and has scratches on his nose and was likely in a fight or two, but he’s home and pretty much OK,” said Marsha.

“I cried forever, and I cried when he came home. I was out looking for him this afternoon (Wednesday) when my sister called to tell me Toby was home,” added Marsha.

Toby is Marsha’s first indoor cat. He splits time inside and outside.

It appears that being gone was well worth the coming home.

The two year old Tom Cat, along with siblings, was set out in Marsha’s yard as a kitten in the fall of 2019. “He’s really my mom’s cat, but I’m his care taker,” said Marsha.

“He’s a Tom Cat and let’s you love him for about a minute, and then he’s ready to move on. In fact, he’s already bitten me since coming home,” said Marsha.

“I was so happy to see him and cried when I first saw him today (Wednesday). Now I’m over it; no more tears,” Marsha concluded. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/22/2021-6AM)

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  1. Praise the Lord. I’m so happy he came home. He looks like he’s loving all the loving.

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