TOP PHOTO: On Thursday afternoon Planning Commission member Mark Hoskins shows discusses a zoning issue with a concerned citizen.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – The LaFollette Planning Commission met on Thursday afternoon and voted in approval of several rezoning requests.

LaFollette Planning Commission members Mark Hoskins, right and Ed Wheeler, left discuss business at Thursday afternoon’s meeting.

The request involved rezoning four properties from residential to commercial on North Indiana Avenue. According to Planning Commission Chairman Joe Bolinger, the properties are owned by Jeff Lobertini, Bob Fannon, Michael Walden and Warren Heatherly. One concerned citizen attended the meeting, saying she had heard a rumor that the rezoning was being done for another RV Park, which she said she was against. The property in question is owned by Jeff Lobertini, who was also in attendance at the meeting.  Planning Commission Member Mark Hoskins said that was not what was being done and asked Lobertini to elaborate on what was going to be put in at the location. “It will be a single story storage unit that’s going to be used by a guy doing a gutter business. He will store stuff in it and work out of it,” Lobertini explained. 

After that brief discussion, Planning Commission members voted in approval of  rezoning the properties from R2 to commercial. Once the rezoning is completed, owners will then pay commercial taxes on the properties in question. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/23/2021-6AM)