TOP PHOTO: Scout Macy Kibler, right and Troop 435 Scoutmaster Liz White administer the oath to new scouts at the meeting.

By Charlotte Underwood

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Scouting history was made yesterday evening with the first meeting of female BSA Troop 435, which was held at the LaFollette United Methodist Church. 

Troop 435 is the brand new female division of Scouts BSA and is being led by scoutmaster Liz White. Regina White and Roxi Roberts are assistant scout leaders. The female BSA Troop is completely separate from the male division, according to Committee Chair Logan Hickman, who was also in attendance for the historical meeting. According to Hickman, females have been part of Boy Scouts since the 1970s through the Explorer Program, but this year marks the historic “first” for a female troop to start in Campbell County.

“I think it’s exciting to be starting this first female troop in the county,” Hickman said. 

During the first meeting, BSA Scout Leader Rob Kibler addressed the scouts, explaining the significance of resurrecting the number 435 for the troop. 

Troop 435 is an old number that was resurrected in honor of Macy Kibler, Rob’s daughter, who was officially the first female BSA Scout. Her grandpa Bob Kibler was a scout leader over that troop number and Rob was a scout under that number. Macy is now the third generation of Scout to serve under the Troop 435 designation. 

BSA Scout leader Rob Kibler and daughter Macy Kibler. Macy is the first female BSA Scout.

“In 100 years from now kids will know that you all were the first female BSA Scout Troop; you’ve shattered a glass ceiling and are paving the way for other girls to have a better place,” Rob Kibler said. 

“We just thought that was something special to be able to resurrect that old troop number in honor of Macy, her dad and grandfather,” Scoutmaster Liz White said. 

Learning about knot tying was one of the first activities practiced by new members of Troop 435.

At the first meeting, new scouts launched right into knot tying lessons and practicing the Scout Oath. 

Also announced was the calendar of events for the upcoming month. Troop 435 will meet Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m. at the LaFollette United Methodist Church.  There will be a Scout hike on September 4 to the Elk Tower. The hike will be from 10 a.m. till noon. The big event of the year is the Oct. 1-3 Mount Cammerer District Camporee in Knoxville. 

For more information about joining Troop 435, contact Liz White at 423.907.4160 or email  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/25/2021-6AM)

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