TOP PHOTO: To make the Campbell County RAM Clinic happen, it took several volunteers.  More than 100 vehicles were onsite on Saturday morning.

CARYVILLE, TN (WLAF) – On Sunday afternoon, what took eight hours to build was broken down and loaded in about four hours. This morning, most will never see a sign of what happened on the Caryville Elementary School campus over the weekend. However, those who received help at the Remote Area Medical Clinic (RAM) will know as well as those who volunteered.

Patients enter the parking lot and check-in with the volunteers at the yellow tent. There patients receive a ticket, and then they move to a parking space and wait for their number to be called.

And just like that, the RAM has come and gone from Campbell County. More than a year of planning, organizing and scheduling all successfully came together this weekend at Caryville Elementary School. Related story.

When a patients number is called, they go through the COVID-19 check point and then on to triage.
The triage team gets patients headed to one of three services; dental, vision or general medicine.

“The last truck pulled out about 4:30 this afternoon (Sunday), and RAM far exceeded my expectations,” said Co-Leader Garrett Orick of the Community Host Group. Orick and Co-Director Allyssa Jeffries led local members of the host group all they way through Sunday afternoon.

After each dental procedure, the operation areas were cleaned and sanitized.

In the dental area, professionals provided the limit on both days.  They not only had local providers (local dentists), but some came to Caryville from Cincinnati.

In a text from RAM officials at the conclusion of the two day event to Orick, it read – “With your help, we were able to register 152 patients and provide $84,628 in services.” “Overwhelmed,” said Orick as he could not contain his excitement over the fact “that everybody was there.” He was thrilled how this event gave back to the community.

Patients get their eye exam and prescription and then select their frames. Then the prescription and frames are sent to the eye glass lab parked just out back.
Lens glass for someone’s prescription is loaded into the machine. The strength needed for the lens and bi-focal are entered, and the machine cuts the prescription.
The next step on another machine is to size the lens glass and cut it to fit the frames.
In the final step, the lens are fitted and tightened in the frames. After a final inspection and all is good, the glasses are sent to the patient.