By Charlotte Underwood

CARYVILLE, TN (WLAF) – Daniel Lasley is this week’s featured educator. He has taught for 25 years and currently teaches at Caryville Elementary School.     

Lasley is from Campbell County and was raised in LaFollette, but was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, when his dad was stationed at Pope Air Force base within Fort Bragg.

Daniel Lasley is this week’s featured educator.

During his 25 years of teaching, he taught one semester at Sequatchie County High school in 1997 and one semester at Chattanooga Orchard Knob Elementary in 1998. He taught three years at Jellico from 1998-2000 and eight years shared two days at Elk Valley/three days Caryville. This is his 13th year teaching at Caryville only.

According to Lasley, his Grandmother Delphia Eldridge and her brother, Lasley’s Uncle Robert Morton, were both inspirations for choosing a career in education. 

His favorite part of his job is getting hugs from his students because “too many of them don’t get hugs when they need them the most and truthfully we don’t always know when they need them either. So when they are reaching for one they’re getting it. That’s honestly what I’ve hated the most about COVID,” Lasley said.

He said his faith in Christ and knowing that he’s doing what he’s been called to do keeps him going as an educator as well as “receiving those same hugs I mentioned when I need them as well.”

Other aspects that keep him going strong as a teacher is “the support of my PE teaching Partner Brian Miracle and Caryville’s Music teacher Dr. Eric Wright and the fact that they can always make me laugh because through the years we have become more like brothers than friends. And always the love and support of my wife of 26 years Mandy Lasley.” (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 09/30/2021-6AM)

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  1. This is my son, his father and I are very proud of him. Our family all loved sports and Daniel could say he inherited it.we spent more than half of our lives watching him and his two sons, Josh and Jacob play sports. They were into everything basketball, football, baseball and soccer.Daniels decision to teach physical education I’m sure came from that and as he stated, his grandmother Delphia her brother Robert, and his other grandmother Virginia. His dad Kyle played everything but soccer. The back yard was always littered with kids playing some sport or the other. Daniel was raised in Demory Baptist Church amoung many family members and the rest felt like family. This is where he raised his two boys,there and Mount Paran.near there home. We are very pleased to hear he was elected teacher of the week amoung all of the teachers in Campbell co. It is a great honor. Vera and Kyle Lasley

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