LFD Unit 101 had just been put into service about a half-hour before this wreck occurred.
Unit 101 made its first night run on Monday night to an accident with injury on South 8th Street.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – La Follette Fire Department’s newest unit, its Medical Rescue Truck, answered its first call late Monday morning. Related story.

As rain fell, First Responders with the A Shift were heading to the scene of a car wreck with injury on the four lane under the Towe String Road stop light. A couple of folks were shaken up and transported to the La Follette Medical Center.

At least two people were shaken up in this late morning wreck.

LFD Unit 101 was first on the scene with La Follette Police as traffic slowed to one lane in each direction. Campbell County EMS, Vital Care Medical Transportation and the Campbell County EMA also responded.

First Responders with LFD answered a two-car accident Monday just after 11am.

“When I came in this morning, the fellas were loading equipment on the new truck, and then said we’ll put everything back,” said LFD Fire Chief Jimmy Pack. “I said it’s insured, has a drive out tag on it, and it’s ready to use. We didn’t (laughing) drive it down here from Kentucky to keep it parked in a bay,” added the chief.

Doubling as a medical unit and extrication vehicle allows the LFD to take one truck rather than two.

The wreck happened not long after 11am this morning. “We only had this new unit ready to go for about half-an-hour before this call came in,” said LFD Assistant Fire Chief Eddie Hatmaker of the Unit 101’s first run. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 12/06/2021-NOON)