LaFollette Utility Board General Manager Kenny Baird spoke in appreciation of the interlocal agreement with the county for an upcoming waterline extension in the county. Board members at the table are John Snodderly along with a partial photo of Janice Walker and Jay Willoughby.

By Charlotte Underwood

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – LaFollette Utility Board members met Thursday evening and voted in unanimous approval of an interlocal governmental agreement with the county for waterline extension projects. Both entities have agreed to pool funding to provide waterline extensions in areas of the county that have no access to potable water. Several county commissioners joined the meeting as well to show their support. Watch the meeting HERE on demand.

According to LaFollette Utility Board General Manager Kenny Baird, the interlocal agreement between LUB and Campbell County government will be a cost sharing and management sharing of the waterline extension. The areas getting the extension are in the first and second districts of the county. These areas currently rely on private wells and springs to fulfill their drinking water needs and/or have properties with no present access to potable water.

Several county commissioners joined the LaFollette Utility Board meeting on Thursday evening to show their support of the interlocal agreement with LUB for waterline extension projects. Commissioner Rusty Orick (center) thanked the board for its support. Orick is flanked by Commissioner Ralph Davis (blue shirt) and Commission Chairman Johnny “Coach” Bruce. WLAF’s Warren Kitts filmed the meeting.

Projected waterline extensions will be done in the Coolidge and Cedar Creek communities totaling 3.81 miles. Another 3.81 miles of extension will be done in several areas of Alder Springs. Waterline extensions are also projected to be completed on Norman Road, as well as Flat Hollow Road, Flat Land Lane, Arthur Circle, Flatwoods Road and Bark Lane. Waterline extension projects total 11.06 miles of extension. These extensions will provide services to around 262 customers at an estimated total cost of $600,000. The cost of the project will be shared by the county and LUB. Campbell County will fund its portion through ARP funds, while LUB will fund its half through State Revolving Fund proceeds.

Baird said he appreciated the “LUB board and county commissioners working together on this project to bring potable water to citizens of Campbell County.” 

Baird said he was hopeful the construction on the extension would start this year.

“They are working on engineering right now. There are concerns about obtaining supplies with shortages going on currently, but the hope is to get started on it by this year,” Baird said.

County commissioners had voted in approval of the agreement at a prior county commission meeting. Commissioners in attendance at the LUB meeting Thursday night included Zachary Marlow, Robert Higginbotham, Ralph Davis, Johnny Bruce, and Rusty Orick. 

Commissioner Rusty Orick addressed the utility board in appreciation for its support of the agreement. He also spoke in appreciation of county commissioner Whit Goins who has “worked hard over the years to see this waterline extension happen.” 

“Whit has been Instrumental in a lot of this; he was always passionate about getting water in his district. I speak for the commissioners in saying we appreciate LaFollette Utility Board so much. We couldn’t do this without you. It’s a wonderful opportunity to make it better for the citizens of Campbell County,” Orick said. 

LaFollette Utility Board Chairperson Janice Walker also spoke in appreciation of the board and the county commissioners coming together for the project. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/25/2022-6AM)