PIONEER, TN (SPECIAL TO WLAF) – Congratulations to Elk Valley Elementary STEM School for joining TSIN (Tennessee STEM Innovation Network) in leading the state initiative for Computer Science in Tennessee. 

Elk Valley Elementary School Principal Nancy Lay welcomed Sen. Ken Yager to a celebration at the school in August 2019 when EVES earned its STEM status.

Through the Future Workforce Initiative Expansion plan, the Computer Science Integration Pilot program will complement the state department’s efforts to develop K-12 pathways at the district level by selecting, developing, and coaching individual schools to serve as models of CS integration at each grade level spread across Tennessee’s three grand divisions. Elk Valley serves as the small school/K-8th grades representatives in our division.  At the end of the pilot year, Elk Valley will be a model school to visit and learn about the process of developing and implementing a cohesive CS integration plan across K-8th grade levels and subject areas. Together with the state’s efforts at the district levels to develop pathways, other schools will be able to see CS integration from the individual classroom level all the way up to district structures that enable and empower innovation to make meaningful CS integration part of the education every TN public school student enjoys.  One of the best parts is that the schools who are involved will receive nearly $18,000 in grant funding to explore and implement best practices for CS standards.

“We are very excited to be a part of this initiative.  It is very exhilarating to know that we are one of six schools across the state working to pilot this grant,” said Principal Nancy Lay.  “It goes hand-in-hand with our STEM School status and will be an easy transition for us.”  Principal Lay, along with two of her staff members, Madison Yancey and Ashley McNealy, developed a plan of action that will serve as the pilot for the expected needs to move forward with incorporation of the CS standards.  This plan includes professional development for teachers along with purchasing equipment for a STEM lab.  Moving forward, this will be a great expansion for Elk Valley School and the students.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 04/07/2022-6AM)

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