LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Last week, Campbell Sheriff’s Deputy Dakota Williams drove to Davis Chapel Rd for a call about an accident. When he arrived, around 8pm on April 14, Williams made contact with a man who was seated in the driver’s seat of a gray 2011 Dodge pick-up truck. As Williams was talking to the man, he noticed his speech was slurred and was unsteady on his feet to the point he was unable to stand.

In a report from the sheriff’s office it said, the Dodge was stuck on top of a grill and cinder blocks where it had come to a stop at a home. Williams saw tire marks in the yard where the pick-up had struck a tree, a parked car, and the carport of the residence where it stopped. The deputy spoke to the homeowner who reported she was outside in her shed when she heard the truck and stepped outside and was approximately two feet away when the Dodge struck the carport. The report said the victim was visibly shaken up over the accident. It took several attempts for her to get the man awake and around two to three minutes before she was able to wake him.

Williams spoke with two additional witnesses who stated the man was at the end of the driveway passed out behind the wheel, and they attempted to wake him, but he allegedly hit the gas striking the tree and a vehicle. The witness continued they had to break the back driver’s side glass to get into the pick-up truck due to the man still having his foot on the gas pedal and not responding to them. They were able to get the truck in park and wake the man identified as Bruce D. Harmon.

Prior to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) transporting Harmon, Williams was able to speak with him. Harmon reported he had not been in an accident. He was then asked if he had anything illegal on him at which he emptied his pockets pulling out a clear baggie from his right front pants pocket with a green leafy substance in it. When asked, Harmon said he didn’t know what the green leafy substance was. Also, allegedly inside the Dodge pick-up, was a pack of Cloud 8 blue razz gummies containing Delta-8 and 150 mg THC.

Harmon, 59, 1170 Davis Chapel Rd, LaFollette was charged with drivers to exercise due care, driving under influence (DUI), possession of schedule VI, possession of drug paraphernalia and reckless endangerment. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 04/22/2022-6AM)