TOP PHOTO: Classic Ronnie Henderson; smiling, singing and playing the guitar.

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – His smile, his incredible voice, his friendly way, make no mistake Ronnie Henderson made quite the impression on everyone who came across his path. Sadly, today, the community says goodbye to one of the most talented musicians to ever come out of Campbell County. Henderson will be laid to rest this afternoon at Campbell Memorial Gardens at 1pm.

Ronnie loved gospel music and sang with the Gloryland Boys for more than 50 years. He and the boys even took time out one evening to celebrate WLAF’s 60th anniversary back in 2013. It was a most special night thanks to Ronnie and the Gloryland Boys.

“Ronnie will be missed by everyone who knew him. He was a friend to so many and everyone loved him. We enjoyed hearing him sing at Katie’s on Friday nights, and it was never the same after he had to quit. Now he is singing for Jesus,” said Sharon Bolton.

WLAF’s Big Josh Etter was a fan of Ronnie Henderson. Ironically, in return, Henderson was a fan of Big Josh. “He had that little radio, and he listened to that radio station everyday to hear Big Josh,” said Kathy Henderson during a special, touching phone call to Big Josh’s morning show on Wednesday. On what had to be a most emotionally trying day, the day of Ronnie’s receiving of friends, for Kathy, Big Josh was most moved by her memorable phone call.

“Ronnie, a true friend and will be missed greatly not only by me but by all who know him,” said Donald Shoupe.

Big Josh and Ronnie attended Midway Baptist Church together for years; a chance for Josh to see and hear Henderson up close and often. “He was as good as there was around here or any place; just to watch him when he could absolutely make something out of nothing with music,” said Big Josh.

Ronnie Henderson and the Gloryland Boys honored WLAF on its 60th anniversary celebration in 2013. Carlos Henderson, Ronnie’s father, also sang and played on WLAF in the 1950s.

Henderson was a deacon and charter member of Midway Baptist Church. He enjoyed attending church, playing the guitar and especially singing with his friends on Friday’s on North Tennessee Avenue at Katie’s Restaurant. It goes without saying that he loved cheering on the Vols, trading knives and watching the Andy Griffith Show.

“He was just so talented with that wonderful, pleasant, easy going voice when he was leading these songs for the Gloryland Boys. Ronnie Henderson, I sure am going to miss you partner,” said Big Josh Etter. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 04/21/2022-6AM)

4 Replies to “Gloryland Boy Henderson is glory bound”

  1. Thank you for running this story. I was hoping Ronnie would be highlighted. He really deserved it. His funeral was a wonderful church service. Campbell County has so many talented people who could hold their own on stage with any superstar. Ronnie is one of them and has been an icon in our community and beyond for many years.

    We are truly blessed to have Ronnie and the Gloryland Boys as part of our lives from childhood. I know we emphasize his talent but he was a husband and dad and so much more to his family. But, I will always remember his unique voice.

  2. I did not know him personally but I sure knew of him. I loved the Gloryland Boys. Ronnie Henderson will be sadly missed. It is great to leave a legacy behind, and he sure left a great legacy behind. My prayer is for the family. Thank God that when we leave this life if we are SAVED we have a better life awaiting. He is singing songs in Heaven that even the angels could not sing. Whatever he is doing up there, one thing he is doing is Praising God.

  3. Thank you so much for highlighting this story. I am proudly Ronnie’s oldest daughter, and beyond the music, he has been my hero and biggest protector for my 44 years of life. We, the family cannot thank everyone enough for the beautiful send off for our sweet Daddy. We didn’t have a funeral, we had CHURCH last night. It was perfect, and I know that daddy is shouting those streets of gold today. The angel choir just got a huge upgrade, and I cannot wait for my turn to be able to jump right back into his arms when he welcomes me into heaven. Thank you again, and we love you all.

    1. Thank you for your response, Misty.

      Ronnie, your Daddy, was also a light and dear friend to all of us here at WLAF. Our community is a better place because of Ronnie Henderson.


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