CARYVILLE, TN (WLAF) – The call of a suspicious male late Sunday night ended with an arrest. Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Dakota Williams responded to the call on Little Cove Creek Road and found a man identified as Joey Benjamin Bailey in the driveway of a home. Bailey alleged his wife was inside the residence, and he was going to see her.

Williams asked Bailey how he knew his wife was inside and he replied, “it was just a feeling and he knew.” When asked if he knew where he was, Bailey stated “at his brother’s house on the road behind Shoney’s.”

According to a report from the sheriff’s department, Bailey told Williams, it took him six days to walk there, because he was following the feeling that his wife was at this particular home. The deputy and Sgt. Josh Jeffers spoke to the homeowners who said they didn’t know Bailey and that he came up to the property demanding to enter their home to see his wife. It was alleged that Bailey said, “nothing would stop him from seeing her.”

Bailey, 39, homeless, La Follette, was charged with public intoxication. According to records at the Campbell County Jail, this was the 17th time Bailey has been arrested and that he is single. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 04/29/2022-6AM)

7 Replies to “Homeless La Follette man arrested for the 17th time”

  1. Why bother to arrest him if he will always be released!!! What happened to being a “Habitual Criminal”?-David.

    1. Sounds like a judge problem when our men in blue have to keep arresting the same people every week.

    2. Petty crimes = petty time.
      Secondly, he’s my brother and when he’s in jail, I’m not having to worry that he’s going to get lost , hurt or overdose.

  2. To the other folks that commented, we have jobs. Let us do something wrong. They will crucify us. ….. how it works around here

  3. Last Easter, my family and I woke up with him watching us sleep while saying the exact same thing. I tried to demand rehab but he refused and was released. He needs to stay locked up this time so he doesn’t traumatize more families.

  4. Clearly the guy is purposely doing things to intentionally get arrested so that he doesn’t have to sleep on the streets and go hungry. At least he’s got a bed and food there in jail. He more than likely doesn’t want released

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