By Charlotte Underwood 

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Campbell County High School Drum Majors have been chosen for the 2022 school year. After years of hard work and practice Jolynn Phillips and Lauren VanBebber will take the drum major podium under co-leadership this year. 

“When Lauren and I heard we had both made it, I screamed and she cried. It was so fulfilling to know our hard work had paid off! I am so glad Lauren is my partner in this, and that we are going to be drum majors together for our 2022 season!” Jolynn Phillips said.

Lauren VanBebber, left and Jolynn Phillips have been chosen as this year’s CCHS Band Drum Majors.

She has played the clarinet in band for five years, with three years in marching band. 

“When I was in 6th grade, I came into band without an instrument for about two months. Then, after Mr. Wright telling me I’d have to switch classes if I didn’t have an instrument, my dad took me to Lunsfords and rented a clarinet for me. I practiced for hours and hours, and even got private lessons from previous drum major Emily Ayers, who also played clarinet,” Phillips said. 

Eventually all that practice paid off and in seventh grade, she was invited to march as an 8th grader. 

“It was the best time of my life! I had a bunch of great role models in band, including Lauren VanBebber who was my section leader this past year. They’ve always motivated me and helped me through rough times, and I wanted to be drum major to play the same role in other people’s lives,” Phillips said. 

Co-Drum Major Lauren VanBebber will be a senior this fall and has been playing the clarinet in band since the 6th grade.

“I decided to join because I have taken piano lessons with Martha Freeman since I was 6 and really enjoyed learning music,” VanBebber said. 

During her time in band, she has had many friendships and experiences that “made her fall in love with it.”

She said her future plans are to go to college for engineering as her major and minor in music. “I would like to say that getting the position of drum major and having the opportunity to lead my band family to success in the upcoming season is a blessing. I am so glad I get to work with Jolynn this year as we push each other to be the best we can be for our band,” VanBebber said. 

As drum major, VanBebber said she wants to inspire the other band members to have the same love for it as she does.

“I can’t wait for my 2022 marching season, and I couldn’t think of a better candidate to be by my side than Jolynn Phillips,” VanBebber said. 

Band Director Adam Wright said he was proud of the students and confident in their leadership abilities. “I’m excited for these young ladies to take the podium this year! I feel the marching band is under some of the best student leadership Campbell County has to offer!” Wright said.