TOP PHOTO: Katie Gick addressed the county planning commission members at Monday’s meeting.

By Charlotte Underwood 

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Multiple citizens attended Campbell County’s Planning Commission meeting Monday evening regarding concerns about a recently approved subdivision in Deerfield, as well as road conditions in the Shady Cove subdivision south of Caryville. 

Resident Katy Gick addressed the planning commission regarding the roads in Shady Cove subdivision.

According to Gick, she asked for county mayor E.L. Morton, Road Superintendent Ron Dilbeck and County Commission Chairman Johnny Bruce to attend the meeting. Morton was in attendance. 

Gick told planning commission members that she and others in the Shady Cove Subdivision were “having problems with county road Superintendent Ron Dilbeck” and that the roads had not been graded or graveled in the last year and a half. 

County Planner Jordan Rockwell said he had spoken to Dilbeck who said “it couldn’t be determined if it was a county road.”

(Left to right) J.C. Miller, Reid Troutman, Lonnie Weldon, Rusty Orick and Marie Ayers.

“At a minimum, he should be maintaining the top of our road,” Gick said. She told planning commission members she had talked to the property assessor’s office and “according to them it was a county road.”

“We have lost our mail service. I have a letter from the post master that they will no longer do mail service because the road is in such bad shape,” Gick said. She also detailed a recent medical emergency in which the ambulance couldn’t get down the road.

“We have a disabled veteran on our road. Cars can’t come down the road.  We have several disabled people down in that area, and I am one of them,” Gick said.

Planning Commission Chairman J.C. Miller said the most the planning commission could do was write a letter to Dilbeck about the situation. “We don’t have the authority to do anything. He’s an elected official,” Miller said. 

“We deserve to be treated as tax paying citizens. We are getting nothing done. Just take a load of gravel down and grade the roads and everyone will be happy,” Gick said. She also said she would be “calling the attorney general’s office if nothing was done.”

Several citizens concerned with road conditions in Shady Grove Subdivision attended the Monday evening County Planning Commission meeting.

Planning commission member Rusty Orick suggested that if she had a problem with the road superintendent, she should “go through the county attorney.”

Rockwell explained the planning commission “couldn’t determine if it was a county road, and that it was a county attorney matter.”

Also discussed was last month’s approved major lot subdivision for 10 lots in the Jollywood section of Deerfield Resort at Deerfield Way and Deerfield Pond Circle. It was preliminarily approved at last month’s meeting, but a slight amendment brought it back to Monday’s agenda. 

Deerfield resident Kim Satzger addressed the planning commission with her concerns. She had previously sent a letter as well to planning commission members. 

Her concerns were in regards to another subdivision going in and its “potential to impact the character and quality of Deerfield Resort.” These concerns varied from “public and pedestrian safety” to “environmental concerns” and more. 

“I would like to know more about the plan. There was no attempt to contact residents regarding the proposed site plan. Also what is the plans for electric and water,” Satzger said.

She also asked why planning commission members had not deliberated longer on the decision. 

County planner Jordan Rockwell explained there was “no legal requirement for notification by the county or the developer.”  He also explained the site plan met the county requirements, which is why it was approved.

“They meet our requirements, if we denied them, they could sue us,” Rockwell said. 

According to developers, LUB will handle the electric and Deerfield will handle the water. 

Planning Commission Attorney Reid Troutman weighed in on the discussion.

“We have a limited scope, if they meet subdivision regulations, we have to approve or we would have enormous liabilities,” Troutman said.

In other business, planning commission members approved a major lot subdivision and several minor lot subdivisions upon the recommendation of the county planner. 

A minor lot adjustment on Old Mill Road was approved for Benny Melton. 

A minor lot subdivision on Stinking Creek Road for SBAP Enterprises was approved.

A major lot subdivision on Waterfront Trails and Pool Road for Lakeside Estates was also approved.

Christopher and Christine Bell had a minor lot subdivision approved on Deerfield Way.

 A minor subdivision on Crown Jewel Road was approved for Patrick Angel. 

Joshua Fisher had a minor lot combination approved on Deer Run Point. 

Planning commission member Scott Fields abstained on all votes regarding Deer Field. 

Miscellaneous info addressed at the meeting regarded plat fees. Rockwell announced that fees were due at the time of meeting or the secretary won’t sign the plat.

Fees are $35, plus $10 per lot. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/07/2022-6AM)