TOP PHOTO: Around 50 youngsters attended Coach Ken Weaver’s La Follette Owl Basketball Camp this week, and the camp concluded with a special appearance from former Tennessee Vol John “Fulky” Fulkerson.

One or more of these LMS campers could become the next John Fulkerson, former Tennessee Vol.

By Charlotte Underwood 

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Tennessee Volunteers Basketball star #10 John Fulkerson presented the awards at LaFollette Middle School’s basketball camp awards ceremony on Wednesday morning, the final day of the camp.

No shirt, no shoes, no autograph. Not really. Former Vol Star John Fulkerson scribbled his signature on lots of different items on Wednesday.

For many kids it was a dream come true meeting a sports legend and having their picture taken and getting an autograph. It got even better when the 6’9″ Fulkerson dunked the ball on LaFollette Middle School’s court, Coach Vic King Court. 

Coach Ken Weaver directs his campers as former Vol John Fulkerson looks on.

According to LMS Coach Ken Weaver, basketball camp went “great this year, with a great turnout.”

Campers flocked to get close to Fulky.

“Camp goes great each year, but this year has been awesome.  The kids came in and they worked hard all week. They were really attentive and focused; the middle school group did awesome and the elementary group did great, too. They picked it up super quick and camp went great,” Coach Weaver said.

Photos with Fulky were the order of the day on Wednesday at the LMS Basketball Camp.

Fulkerson, who is about to start his own basketball camp in his hometown of Kingsport, said he loves to “give back” to his Tennessee community and wants to be a role model for these young athletes. 

Fulky, as he’s affectionately called, finished his Tennessee career with 165 career appearances. He holds the SEC and Tennessee program records for the most career basketball games played.

“I want to be a good example for these younger generations. I was in their exact same position, and never would I have thought that I would have this platform that I’m on now. I was in their exact same shoes. I loved basketball, I was always going to camp, I had UT players I looked up to. I was just like them. One of these kids that I’m reaching out to might be the next John Fulkerson. I want them to know if they keep working hard and really spend a lot of time with this, you never know where it will take you.” Fulkerson said. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/09/2022-6AM)