By Charlotte Underwood    

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Several “disturbing” letters have been received throughout the county, according to the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff Robbie Goins held a Monday afternoon press conference to adress these letters and public concern surrounding them. A total of seven locations have received letters as of Monday, including five churches, a Masonic lodge, and a private business. Watch the sheriff’s conference HERE on demand.

The first of the letters was discovered on Thursday at a church, with others following at multiple locations. All five churches are of the Baptist denomination. Letters were found stuffed into the door facings of the various locations. The letters are several pages and are different from one another. Authorities do not believe they are copies of the same letter. Goins declined comment on the contents of the letters. He did indicate the content was “disturbing” but said “no specific threat, nor specific times or dates were tied to the letters.”

As of late Monday afternoon, there had been a development in the case with a person of interest being identified, Goins said.

After finding the letters, church pastors contacted the sheriff’s department, which began the investigation last week. Goins said he contacted both the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as the Tennessee Highway Patrol and met extensively with them on Monday morning regarding the case. All three agencies are working “aggressively” to investigate the letters.

The agencies are currently processing surveillance video from one of the locations that received a letter. 

The Campbell County Sheriff’s Department and Tennessee Highway Patrol have increased patrols in the areas where the letters have been received.

The sheriff has asked citizens to be on the lookout for such letters and to communicate with law enforcement if they have any information or see anything suspicious. He’s especially asking churches if they see anything odd or suspicious to contact law enforcement.  

“If someone does find a letter call your local authorities or the Knoxville field office of the FBI,” Goins said. He also asked that citizens not touch the letters if they are found, but to call law enforcement so the letters can be photographed. Letters received thus far have been “several pages long” and are “not hand written.”

A quote from one of the letters was shared with WLAF by a source close to the investigation.  The letter read “Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God, but you ALL are wolves.”

Goins is stressing that while the letters are disturbing, there has not been a direct threat of a shooting.  As a result of these letters, the sheriff said there had been a rumor of a planned shooting in the county and he addressed that concern, saying it was untrue and that “nothing of that nature had been revealed during the investigation.”

“We just wanted to let the people of Campbell County know we are aware of the situation and we are working on it. Our main priority is to make sure people are safe. We’re not going to take any chances, and we’re going to work hard and make sure we come to a conclusion on this case,” Goins said.

There will be a town hall meeting on Thursday at 6pm, with law enforcement and local pastors to discuss security concerns regarding the letters. That will be held at the First Baptist Church of Jacksboro. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/20/2022-8PM)