TOP PHOTO: Former Vol John “Fulky” Fulkerson asked campers at the La Follette Middle School girls basketball camp if anyone didn’t know him. One camper raised her hand.

Edynn Jinkens and Millie Mardis, behind the big fan, cool off during a water break at basketball camp.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Thoughts of how hot it was on King Court vanished for 40 campers when former Tennessee Vol John “Fulky” Fulkerson entered the gym at La Follette Middle School on Thursday evening. The man who had the the most basketball game appearances in the history of Tennessee and SEC Basketball, 165, made his second trip to La Follette this month.

Campers played some three-on-three.

“Does anyone not know who I am?,” asked Fulkerson. Only one camper raised her hand. The fan favorite Vol for the past six years spent time sharing tid bits about himself and his basketball journey from where these budding basketballers were sitting to Thompson-Boling Arena.

Laska Prater and other campers came away with certificates and more.

Fulkerson explained that not every camper might have dreams of playing basketball, but that whatever they do, work really hard at it. He went on to say that it took a lot of hard work to make it to the Vols and to play for the Vols. Then he said, “Let me show you how much running you have to do to play at Tennessee. Let’s go down to the end line.” Several campers jumped up from sitting on the court as Fulkerson attempted to walk to the stripe, and then he quickly turned around and laughed.

A basket is scored during the three-man drill.

Lady Owl Head Basketball Coach Jessica Chapman called her 40 campers a “great turnout.” “Forty was an ideal number and allowed us really work with everyone. I had a wonderful time, and I think they did, too,” said Chapman.

No rebound on this trip.
John Fulkerson had not been in the building but a minute before he had Coach Chapman laughing.

Chapman, entering her third season at the helm of the Lady Owls, conducted the camp with the help of her assistant coach, Cobie Herrin, and La Follette Elementary School Head Coach Travis Leach. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/24/2022-6AM)