TOP PHOTO: Roger Jackson sizes up what donated items need to go where in the trailer of his big rig that will soon be heading to Kentucky on what appears will be the first of two runs. If Wednesday’s pace of donations is anything like Tuesday’s, the trailer will be full before the day is done.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Tuesday was a whirlwind on the corner of the four lane and Wierwood Drive as car after car, truck after truck, van after van pulled up and unloaded what’s become liquid gold to the folks in Southeastern Kentucky; bottled water. Our flood ravaged neighbors continue recovering, and Campbell Countians turned out in droves yesterday to donate much needed supplies from water to garbage bags to bleach to personal hygiene items to clothes to cleaning supplies.

Early Tuesday morning, Roger Jackson drove his 18-wheeler back from a run to Nashville, parked it in the Community Trust Bank’s parking lot at Wier Woods/Jacksboro and began loading donated items. Jackson, without sleep the night before, his family and many others began loading donations into the trailer.

Pallets of water have already been loaded.

“We went from completely empty to three-fourths full in a day. People have been dropping off items “heavy” all day,” said Regina Blankenship with Community Trust Bank. If Tuesday’s rate of donations continues at the same pace today, the truck will be full well before the day is out.

You can’t miss seeing the truck that sits near the four lane at Wierwood Drive.

“Allen Shepard’s church is bringing items on Thursday. Mike and Beverly Childs are coming today with a truck load. Brandon Johnson is bringing a truck load of water, and I told him to hold off until Thursday so I can get another tractor-trailer,” said Rhonda Longmire, Market President for Community Trust Bank.

Longmire points to water and garbage bags as the top two needed items. Cleaning supplies, especially bleach, are also needed along with personal hygiene items. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/03/2022-6AM)

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