By Charlotte Underwood 

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Teachers make a difference in their students lives each and every day. For many students, having a teacher who cares and goes that extra mile can be the difference in a successful education and graduation. We’ve all had that teacher who inspired us or helped in some way. That’s why WLAF and Eagle Tire Pros salute all of our hard working educators with a weekly feature.

This week’s featured educator is special education teacher Brooke Dorton.  

“Professionally, Linda Campbell and Charlotte Ivey have had the most impact on her life and career as an educator,” said Brooke Dorton.

Dorton just completed her 15th year in special education. She first began teaching resource ELA classes at Campbell County High School in 2007, and then transferred to LaFollette Middle School in 2009 continuing to teach resource ELA.  

In 2015, Jamie Wheeler offered her a position as LEA/Dept Head of the special education dept at CCHS. 

Dorton said she “absolutely loved serving the students in this capacity!”

“I made the decision in June 2022 to step away from my position at CCHS.  This coming year I will be continuing my special education teaching career at JMS. I’m excited to join the great team at JMS!” Dorton said.  

Early on in life Dorton said she learned core values about life and work ethics from her family and that she has a “village of people” that have impacted her life and career.  

“My family (Papaw and Mamaw Goins, my mom and dad, and others) have been the greatest example of how to work hard and with integrity and how to serve others. I grew up in a Christian home, and learned that there is value in hard work and serving others,” Dorton said. 

She said she realized early on in life that “life wasn’t about money, a pat on the back, or someone saying a good word.” 

“I’m thankful for my family because I’ve taken those core values and applied them to my life and career,” Dorton said. 

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Professionally, Linda Campbell and Charlotte Ivey have had the most impact on her life and career as an educator.

According to Dorton, the two were well respected among their colleagues and at the state level for their leadership in Campbell County and for their wealth of knowledge of special education.  

“They were genuinely great people inside and outside of the office.  Everything was always about the kids with Linda and Charlotte.  If a student needed food, clothes, shoes, school supplies, a bed, Christmas gifts, etc, you could guarantee that they would work to make it happen.  They just didn’t limit their service to the classroom. They humbly worked for the students of Campbell County Schools for many years, and made such an impact on so many lives,” Dorton said, adding that she would not be the educator she is today without these two ladies.

She has carried their lessons forward into her own teaching career and it shows in her relationship with her students. 

“My favorite part of being a teacher is that I get to build positive, life long  relationships with students and their families. I try my very best to treat every student as I do my own children- Eli, Ethan, and William. I want each one of my students to know how much I care about them and what’s going on in their life.  I fully believe that forming positive relationships with students and their families is the fundamental key to educational success!”

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  1. Brooke cares about her students.
    She is passionate about helping and guiding them.
    Brooke is an asset to our school system.
    She is also an awesome Mom.
    Thanks for your hard work.

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