By Charlotte Underwood 

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Thursday’s election saw several upsets with big turnovers in multiple races. Campbell County has a new mayor, new sheriff, new General Sessions Judge and several new commissioners, as well as changes in the County Clerk and Register of Deeds office. The 8th Judicial District Criminal Court Judge’s race was won by Campbell Countian Zack Walden. At the bottom of this story is the full 17-page report from Campbell County’s August 4 election.

There was a change at the top of the Campbell County political world Thursday night when challenger Jack Lynch won out over Mayor E.L. Morton.

Jack Lynch is the County’s new mayor with a total of 3,691 votes. 

Lynch said he wanted to thank all his supporters and that he looked forward to working for the county. Lynch said once he took office, he planned on working on some of the County’s basic services such as the County’s ambulance service and the sanitation department.

“We’re going to work together for the people of Campbell County, ” Lynch said. 

Two-term mayor E.L. Morton congratulated Jack Lynch, the man who was elected mayor on Thursday.

Eddie Wayne Barton is the new Sheriff with 4,337 votes. Barton said he “looked forward to moving forward for the citizens of Campbell County.” Barton ran a lengthy campaign to beat Incumbent Robbie Goins. Barton said he had multiple changes in mind and hoped to earn the trust of the citizens of the county over the next four years.

“I plan to be a sheriff of the people for the people,” Barton said. 

Sheriff Robbie Goins said he wanted to thank everyone for their support and that he appreciated what the county had done for him. He asked the community to “get behind the new sheriff.”

Todd Nance won the county Clerk race with 4,105 votes.

Nance said he was looking forward to getting started working with Campbell Countians. 

“I’m going to make you proud to be your clerk,” Nance said. 

Before visiting with WLAF’s Susan Sharp on Thursday night, Brittany Miller Foust smiles for WLAF’s Charlie Hutson.

Brittany Miller Foust is the County’s new Register of Deeds with 4,264 votes.

Foust said she appreciated the county giving her a chance and an opportunity and thanked her opponent for running a clean race. 

It was a close race in the General Sessions Judge race with Billl Jones earning a nine point lead over Incumbent Amanda Sammons. Jones garnered 3,255 votes to Sammons 3,246 votes. Anderson received 1,966 votes. Bill Jones is the County’s new General Sessions Judge. 

In the First District Commissioner’s race, the top three vote getters were incumbent Zach Marlow, Dewayne Gibson and David Adkins. 

After taking off a term, Dewayne “Mailman” Kitts was elected Thursday to represent the second district of the county commission. He led the ticket with 904 votes.

Top three vote getters in District 2 are Dewayne “Mailman” Kitts, Scott Kitts and Beverly Stanfield Hall. 

Re-elected second district commissioner Scott Kitts visited with WLAF following his win.

District 3 commissioners are Rusty Orick, Dewayne Baird and Scott Stanfield. 

Leading his third district commission race ticket was Dewayne Baird with 983 votes.

District 4 commissioners are Charles Goat Baird, Johnny Coach Bruce and Sue Nance.

District 5 commissioners are Tyler King, Derrick Sharp and Mike Douglas.

Incumbent Monty Bullock is the County’s trustee earning 6,397 votes.  

Monty Bullock before going on the air on WLAF on Thursday night after he won for the ninth time.

“The county has been good to me; I’m grateful to the citizens. I do what I can for the people, and I’m going work hard for them. I want to thank all my supporters and all my staff,” Bullock said. 

Zack Walden was elected as the criminal court judge for the 8th Judicial District.

The school board District 1 winner was incumbent Jeffrey Miller.

Jeffrey Miller won for a second time to continue serving as the first district school board member.

In the second district Sharon Mills Ridenour kept her seat with a win.

Randy Heatherly won the seat for third district school board member.

In District 4, Ronnie Lasley was unopposed as ways Crystal Creekmore in the fifth district.

State Representative Dennis Powers, for the first time ran unopposed. He garnered 5,151 votes.

Dennis Powers ran unopposed for the first time in his 12-year career and returns as state representative for the 36th district.

In the races for constable, Barney Cox won for District 1 while Darryl Chapman claimed the district 2 constable post with 1,017 votes. Johnny Jones, third district, and Dewey Madison of the 4th ran unopposed. Gary Allen Jeffers won the 5th district constable post. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/05/2022-1AM – PHOTOS COURTESY OF WLAF’S CHARLIE HUTSON)

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