JACKSBORO, TN. (WLAF)- Following his latest arrest, Cameron Jones is being held without bond on prior charges.

Over the weekend, Jones, a habitual offender, netted his 45th arrest for allegedly stabbing a county employee. To read the related story CLICK HERE.

At the time, he was out on a $120,000 bond from criminal court. In March, he was indicted on aggravated assault, five counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, aggravated stalking, possession of a schedule VI controlled substance and three counts of possession of drug paraphernalia. Following the indictment, the six-figure bond was set.

Yesterday, in criminal court, Jones’ latest case was docketed for review. Eric Montieth, assistant district attorney, told Judge Shayne Sexton he would be filing a motion to revoke the $120,000 bond based on the latest arrest. “Consider it filed. Granted,” Sexton said.

Jones, who has more arrests than he does years alive, has served his sentences for all of his prior crimes. However, he has continued to commit crimes putting himself back into the court system. Jones has a lengthy criminal record dating back to his first arrest in 1999 for evading arrest.

Earlier this year, he was jailed for aggravated stalking. His most recent arrest was in July for misusing the county’s 911 service. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 08/09/2022- 6AM)