JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Last month, the county commission workshop was addressed by a group of Shady Cove residents upset over the condition of their road and lack of help from the county for what is technically still a private road. Commission Chairman Johnny Bruce announced at Monday’s workshop that he has set a meeting with Road Superintendent Ron Dilbeck and Shady Cove residents the next day in hopes of finding a solution.

Meanwhile Norris Lake communities continued to headline the workshop’s public input session. Gary Pebley, a resident in the Cedar Creek area, addressed commissioners about the lack of reliable cell service in many areas around the lake, urging the commission to push for a communication tower in the area that would make service more reliable. “Its just a matter of time before we have a catastrophe of some kind and first responders are too late because of lack of phone service,” Pebley said.

He also voiced concern for the continued use of the Cedar Creek bridge as a diving platform by swimmers. “I’ve even seen kayakers using the bridge to launch their craft into the water,” he added. Pebley pointed out that jumping from the bridge is a violation of state law but the county is failing to enforce the law, insisting, “I’ve seen swimmers gathering on the bridge and sheriff’s deputies drive across right through them without saying a word.”

A more positive note on the lake was presented by Dennis Turnbill from the Tennessee Dept. of Tourist Development. Turnbill and Mayor E.L. Morton presented a plan to bring another major fishing tournament to Norris Lake in early May of next year. Turnbill said local government would need to commit $20,000 toward the costs of publicity, personnel and other expenses with the state guaranteeing any amount above $20,000.

He added that the tournament would bring at least 500 people into the county for a week, with their spending at local restaurants, motels and stores generating significant sales tax revenue for the county. Turnbill would not give more information on what entity is sponsoring the tournament, other than to say that the one held in Tennessee will be one of nine major tournaments across the country by the same sponsors next year.

Morton said the independent Joint Economic Development Council generally would be the entity to sponsor such an event but would need financial support from the county. According to Turnbill, Campbell County has 30 days to get a contract in the mail committing to host the tournament. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/10/2022-6AM)