TOP PHOTO: LaFollette Librarian Nancy Green was all smiles at the 10th anniversary celebration of the Library’s new location. At left is Clinch Powell Regional Library Director Matthew Jordan who was also in attendance for the event.

By Charlotte Underwood 

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – The LaFollette Library hosted a 10 year anniversary on Thursday to celebrate a decade at its new location. The Library used to be housed over at LaFollette’s City Hall building and was in much need of additional space.  Librarian Nancy Green worked tirelessly to secure a larger library for the community. Ten years ago, the LaFollette Recreation Center was converted into the new library, providing the opportunity for the LaFollette Library to grow into what it is today.

Chamber Director Missy Tackett, center, spoke in appreciation of the role they LaFollette Library plays in the community. At her left is chamber ambassador Becky Aiken and at right is Library board member Johnny Byrge.

“It was like a bird coming out of a cage; we are so glad to be here,” Green said of gaining the larger library space. She thanked all who were involved in the process. 

Multiple current and former community leaders attended the library’s celebration, including former LaFollette mayor Mike Stanfield and former LaFollette councilman Hansford Hatmaker. Both spoke on the hard work and dedication Green put forth to secure the new library. 

The LaFollette Library celebrated 10 years at its new location on Thursday at noon. Left to right is Librarian Nancy Green, Former LaFollette mayor Mike Stanfield and former LaFollette council member Hansford Hatmaker.

“Nancy has worked so hard on this. The old library was just a hole in the wall. She has given her heart, mind and soul to this library and she has come a long ways to make it what it is today and she’s done a great job of it,” Hatmaker said. 

Clinch Powell Regional Library Director Mathew Jordan also attended the celebration.

“The LaFollette Library is a great space for the community; Nancy has done a wonderful job of organizing a beautiful, welcoming and uncluttered space,” Jordan said. 

Chamber Director Missy Tackett complimented Nancy and the Library on the service provided to the community.  

County Mayor E.L Morton spoke at the LaFollette Library’s 10 anniversary at its location celebration on Tuesday. Library supporter Katheryn Angel looks on.

County Mayor E.L.Morton closed by saying the LaFollette Library was a “high mark” for the community and that it was an integral “part of people’s lives.”

“Lives are better for it. It’s not just knowledge stacked up on the shelves and in the hard drives; It’s part of our lives.” (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/12/2022-6AM)