LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – On Monday afternoon the LaFollette City Council met for a roundtable discussion.

Several items were discussed beginning with a food truck rally. Dale Akins and Mark McKinney spoke with the council about the rally calling it a “culinary adventure.” Akins said that typically the rally consists of six to eight trucks all featuring different foods. The duo does all of the marketing and organizing for the event. Adkins said they would like to set up on Wednesday night from 4 pm-7 pm during the weeks of Sept. 14 -Oct. 5, then again in May. The council will vote on whether to allow the food trucks or not at the Sept. 6 meeting.

City Administrator Stan Foust reminded the council it needed to decide on what holidays and who the flag should be displayed for on the fire truck for an upcoming ordinance. After a brief discussion the council decided the flag should be displayed for first responders, police officers, veterans, active members of the military, current and former city employees.

Public Works Director Casey Boshears approached council about streets that need to be paved. Boshears listed 14th Street, Myers Lane and Bluff Rd. Councilman Mark Hoskins said he would like to see the city establish a 20-year paving plan. Boshears reported there are approximately 72 miles of streets in the city. On the topic of paving, Foust stated that Beech Street had not been paved yet due to some failing infrastructure that needs to be repaired before paving begins. Foust reported that bids are due on Sept. 6 for the repairs at Towe String Rd and SR9, on the four lane at Citizens Bank. He continued the repairs would take about 10 business days and could pose some traffic issues. A meeting will be held in the coming weeks to discuss potential ways to deal with the traffic concerns.

Up next in the discussion was the property on the four lane next to Bojangles. Foust reported that the council is looking at putting potential restrictions on the property. He gave an example of no individual houses or residential development. Hoskins and Councilman Brian St. John talked about wanting to see a sports complex and a two story hotel on the property.

The final item discussed was brought up by Councilman Wayne Kitts. He would like to see the city be cleaned up. Kitts proposed that sanitation employees who see properties with a code violation take note and report those back to codes enforcement. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/30/2022-6AM)