TOP PHOTO: Camel Expeditionary is WLAF’s business of the week. The company is currently promoting its new Solar Shade.

Camel was founded in 1919 by World War I veteran B.A Bower.

By Charlotte Underwood 

CARYVILLE, TN (WLAF) – Camel Expeditionary is WLAF’s business of the week. 

Camel Expeditionary is known for its “high caliber, soft sided shelter solutions” and as the leading manufacturer of military tents for the United States. The 103 year old company is leading the way in shelter innovation, and offers high caliber soft sided shelters to fit multiple needs including military, disaster relief,  hospitality, first responders, commercial applications and more. Learn more HERE.

“We have the flexibility to produce affordable shelter solutions for commercial applications as well with quality products built right here in Campbell County,” said Camel Expeditionary Marketing Director Suzy Knight. 

Whether you need a single shelter for a small crew or a large shelter complex that can be inter -connected, Camel Expeditionary has the ability to fit commercial needs. 

Though Camel has developed significant expertise in its field, Camel continuously strives to improve its products through more efficient design, engineering and product innovations. 

Currently the company has a new Solar Shade that has multiple applications. 

Camel Expeditionary began in 1919 and has been “serving those who serve us for over 100 years,” according to CEO and COO Mark Riffle. 

It was founded in 1919 by World War I veteran B.A Bower. Camel Manufacturing got its start producing civilian canvas tarps and truck covers made from surplus Army tents. The company remained “dedicated” to the U.S Military providing military tents and vehicle covers throughout War and conflicts.

Since then, it has been the nation’s longest continuous producer of military tents.

Previously known as Camel Manufacturing, the company re-branded itself as Camel Expeditionary several years ago to better reflect some of its key components and innovations in providing soft sided shelter solutions. 

The company handles more than 45 percent of the U.S. Armed Forces’ rapid deployment shelters and has continued to grow over the last decade.

“Camel Expeditionary rapid deployment shelters are engineered to give maximum flexibility. With a uniform connection system, you can build new structures like an entire base camp, medical facility, or expand an existing shelter. All solutions are compatible with previously manufactured Camel models, as well as tents from other brands,” according to Knight. 

For more information contact Marketing Director Suzy Knight at 423.201.3103. Check them out on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, or visit their website.

Camel Expeditionary is located off the 141 exit of I-75 in the Collins Industrial Park. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 09/02/2022-6AM)