LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – On Thursday morning officials from various government agencies met at La Follette City Hall to develop a plan for traffic detour during the replacement of a collapsing box culvert under the road where SR 9 and Towe String Rd (at the four lane at Citizens Bank) intersect. The project is scheduled to begin next week.

One of the biggest concerns raised during the meeting was how traffic will be impacted by the repairs that are expected to take up to ten days to complete. However, with good weather there is a possibility of completing the project in five days. It is estimated that approximately 3,904 vehicles travel through this intersection daily. This could become an issue for those who generally travel this route, but officials are working on developing a plan to combat the potential inconvenience. One of the ideas was placement of message boards to help with traffic flow.

The group met for about 45 minutes but did not finalize a plan for traffic during the repairs. La Follette City Councilman Mark Hoskins stated that once there is a start date for the project, they will finalize the plan for the traffic flow. When these two are completed, the plans will be released to the public over WLAF. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 09/09/2022-6AM)

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