TOP PHOTO: Frank Bailey (left) and his brother Eddie Bailey are shown here in a December 2019 visit to WLAF.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Frank Bailey turns 94 years young today, and his little brother, only in his 80s, Eddie, wants everyone to know.

The Bailey brothers grew up in the Bethlehem community and still live here in the La Follette area. WLAF became acquainted with them through their Christmas card campaign they had for one of their other brothers, Korean War veteran, with two tours of duty there, Dennis Bailey. Dennis who has since passed was living at an Ohio care facility, and all he wanted for Christmas was cards. The brothers, Frank and Eddie, came to WLAF asking for us to help promote Dennis’s wishes. The result was 836 Christmas cards.

Joe, another brother, was also a Korean War veteran. Joe died several years back.

Happy Birthday, Frank! (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 09/12/2022-6AM)

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  1. happy birthday….saw you this morning as they sang happy birthday to sure do not look 94,,,

  2. Frank is my next door neighbor. Best neighbor I’ve ever had. Always out working in the yard.. Doing something to stay busy…

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