LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – On Monday afternoon, the LaFollette City Council met in a roundtable session with a wide array of topics.

First up for discussion was lighting behind city hall. Kenny Baird with LaFollette Utilities was present to give input on the lighting situation. Baird reported that the utility department was currently working on LED upgrades throughout the city and can roll this project in with its current project. Councilman Wayne Kitts voiced his concern about the lack of lighting in the breezeway next to the old Bowman Jewelers. Baird offered possible solutions to the issue. Council will need to decide how to proceed.

Councilman Mark Hoskins requested to discuss ways to streamline and expedite the processes of codes enforcement. City Administrator Stan Foust suggested that upon the initial visit to a problem property a citation and summons be issued to appear in court. Foust feels this could save some time in the process. Council agreed to continue the discussion with the city attorney and city judge to discuss more ways to expedite the process.

The City of LaFollette has been experiencing issues with individuals riding bicycles on the sidewalks. Captain Charles Duff with LaFollette Police Department spoke to the council and reported it is not currently illegal to ride bicycles on the sidewalks. He shared that the city could put an ordinance in place about bicycles on the sidewalks, but that would put the bicycles on the roadways through downtown.

Public Works Director Casey Boshears talked with the council about how laws have changed for getting a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Boshears reported he had researched the issue and learned TCAT in Oneida could help employees of municipalities to get a CDL license for approximately $1,800 per person. Boshears stated he could manage with getting two people licensed for now. However, council did feel it was important that a contract be done with each person who attends about the length of required employment with the city after becoming licensed.

In final discussion for the roundtable was the lighting/electrical in Freeman Park. The park has been plagued with outlet being destroyed and other electrical issues. Upgrades to the park could alleviate the issue and will cost the city around $3,500-$4,000. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/01/2022-6AM)