TOP PHOTO: A La Follette Police Investigator is reading the search warrant to Tyler Wayne Seiber, the target in one of two raids LPD conducted on Friday morning.

This home was the first of two stops on Friday for La Follette Police Investigators.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – The La Follette Police Drug Unit and Special Response Team surrounded a home right off Loop Road before sun up Friday. The target of this raid was at home at the time of execution of the narcotics search warrant.

Several people were inside the home at the time of Friday’s raid.

LPD Chief Steve Wallen explains that this was the first of two visits the LPD units was conducting on Friday morning. The other was a couple of hours later at 105 Seiber Way near the corner of West Hemlock and South 13th Street. Two arrests are made at the Seiber Way site.

La Follette Police executed a narcotics search warrant at this home.

The first stop was at 182 Longmire Lane which is just over the bank from Loop Road. LPD’s target was Tyler Wayne Seiber, and he was placed under arrest along with Omyolee Shoupes. Seiber is charged with possession of schedule II (meth) and VI for resale and felony possession of drug paraphernalia. Shoupes, 58, of 182 Longmire Lane, faces charges of schedule III for resale.

Jami Hall, Detective-Sergeant and LPD Chief Steve Wallen walk away from the scene at Seiber Way while Nathanial “Red” Vannorstran, an LFD First Responders readies to drive away. 

At the Seiber Lane home, Rhonda Shears, age 54, of 105 Seiber Way, La Follette, was arrested on possession of schedule II meth for resale, schedule IV for resale, felony drug paraphernalia and schedule VI. Also picked up there was Emily Ray, age 29, homeless, who was arrested on charges of schedule II meth and an outstanding warrant for violation of probation.

Two people were arrested at this Seiber Way home.

(WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/11/2022-10AM-UPDATED 11/11/2022-2:30PM)

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