JELLICO, TN (WLAF) – On Nov. 20, Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Shayne Wilburn responded to a call of two females passed out in a vehicle on Tipple Lane in Jellico. When Wilburn arrived, Campbell County EMS had already tended to the women. Wilburn got the ID’s of the females and had dispatch check them in both Kentucky and Tennessee. Dispatch notified Wilburn that both the driver and the passenger were ID only. A warrant check revealed no outstanding warrants on the duo.

Wilburn learned that the vehicle had no insurance, the registration was out of date and there were allegedly needles and pills in the vehicle, according to a report from the sheriff’s office. The reports said both females appeared to be under the influence. The driver of the vehicle was asked to step out of the vehicle but was unsteady and struggled to gain her balance. When she finally got out of the vehicle, she was unsteady using the vehicle to keep from falling over, she could not walk in a normal manner, had slurry speech, and could not keep focus based on the CCSO report. The driver allegedly reported to Wilburn she had used Marijuana, Heroin and Methamphetamine within an hour or two of his arrival. The driver, identified as Tamera Kay Anderson, performed unsatisfactorily on field sobriety tests and was placed under arrest.

After placing Anderson in the patrol car, Wilburn returned to talk with the passenger in the vehicle. Wilburn told the passenger that Anderson would be going to jail and “this would be the best time to be honest due to the items found in the vehicle.” The passenger, identified as Jamie Nicole Rickett, allegedly admitted to using Heroin and Methamphetamine approximately an hour or two hours prior as well. While Wilburn was talking to Rickett, he could see a Red Bull can with Heroin stuck to the bottom of it. The passenger admitted the can belonged to her, according to Wilburn’s report. The deputy also noticed multiple needles which Rickett admitted were hers, and they allegedly contained Methamphetamine.

Anderson, 48, 1467 Doc Siler Rd, Williamsburg, KY was charged with driving while suspended, revoked, or cancelled driver’s license, driving under influence (DUI), violation of TN financial law, failure to carry registration, possession of schedule VI, possession of possession of schedule I controlled substance, possession of schedule II controlled substance and manufacture, sell or delivery of Methamphetamine.

Rickett, 35, 303 Ephraim Powers Rd, Williamsburg, KY was charged with manufacture sell or delivery of Methamphetamine, possession of schedule I controlled substance and possession of schedule controlled substance. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 12/06/2022-6AM)