By Charlotte Underwood 

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Campbell County Mayor Jack Lynch guest spoke at the South Campbell County Rotary Club luncheon on Tuesday at the United Methodist Church.

Lynch updated Rotarians on how things were going on the county government level after his first 90 days in office. 

According to Lynch, his slogan is “We are here to help the people.”

County Mayor Jack Lynch spoke at the South Campbell County Rotary Club luncheon on Tuesday.

The mayor discussed efforts for industrial recruitment and trying to build the local workforce. 

“We are all the time sending out proposals to companies to come build factories,” Lynch said. The county mayor’s office also lists jobs on its website each week. 

“We are trying to tell people there are good jobs here in Campbell County; we try to publish something each week about local jobs. If people work local, they will shop local. We want to focus on building the local economy,” Lynch said. 

He also gave updates on some of the various grants his office is working on to benefit the county.  An upcoming grant that will help residents is a $750,000 home grant that can help residents fix problems with their homes. Funds from that grant will become available in 2023 and in January, the county mayor’s office will advertise for applicants.

Other grants being worked on include a food insecurity grant, as well as a CDBG Fire Source grant, among others.

The county mayor said improvements were always being made on county services. Upcoming focuses on improvements include the sanitation department, as well as ambulance services and services for senior citizens.

“We don’t take credit for it, we’re just working on it, trying to help our citizens,” Lynch said. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 12/07/2022-6AM)